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Monday, July 14, 2008

iPhone 3G Launch Day

I did get one. I went ahead and stopped by UTC on the way home from the SDRuby meeting at Brian Chapodos's suggestion. There where only 5 people there at 23:45 so I went home to bed. I came back at 5:45 in the morning and got a place in line around 50th. With the activation in store and the servers being down it took till almost 10:00 to get into the store. The line was fun though and around 6:30 Apple employees started handing out free water and coffee... which meant that by the time I got in the store I really needed a restroom ;-) They couldn't get my new phone to activate all the way, but it did go through the first approval and financing step, so I had no phone for a few hours, but at least I could fix the problem at home. I got it working around 12:30. I really feel for the server guys, but they really should have had a better "if the server goes down then what plan". Of course that is a really hard thing to convince the bosses of.

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Sunday, March 2, 2008


Just finished seeing Wicked up in LA. It was Annas first musical,
which was cool. I know its not "mannly" but I really do enjoy the
theater... At least good theater (sorry if they are doing the time
warp it doesn't count ;-) It is one of the few things I'm willing to
get dressed up for. Not that I wear a tie or anything,but still it
not jeans and sandles like every where else. The musical was good
quality, well written and performed. It was a little 'cracker jack'
but I think its supposed to be. There where a few points when Galindas
lyrics where hard to make out, but overall it was easy to follow. All
and all an excelent experience

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Work Life Seperation

I made the decision ages ago to move all of the technical content on this site to Though I pushed all of the content over to there, I never got around to repurposing this blog back to its original format. My hope is to do a little creative writing here, as well as post thoughts about life and such... that would mean actually posting of course, which is something I suck at. Anyhow, if you came here linked from something about Rails or Ruby, you'll probably find what you are looking for here:

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Declaration on DRM

I'm coming out against DRM officially today. You may have heard me make statements against it in the past, but today I'm officially declaring it, jumping on Steve's bandwagon with the Music Chief at Yahoo and the head of Monster Cables (which has what to do with DRM'd music again?)


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Friday, April 14, 2006


I'm very excited about my new job! I'll be working for a start up in downtown San Diego, writing Ruby in the Ruby on Rails framework. This is going to mean some pretty serious changes for me, and for Anna. If nothing else it should reduce my stress by increasing my passion for what I'm doing.

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Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Dance Dance Thor

I believe I've started something... last time I was up in Monrovia, Anna and I showed Mom "Stepmania": I mentioned that it could be set up on THOR, the "MythTV": based PVR that I built for them. Setup was pretty easy, they are on MythTV 18.1 with "Gentoo": underneith. So I emerged Stepmania, copied the songs into /usr/share/games/stepmania (make sure you get the permisions right, group needs to be games) and had MythTV scan for games (on the frontend under Utilities / Setup - Setup - Media Setttings - Game Settings) and made the XML file gamelist.xml under /usr/games:


The dancepad from ToysRUs and a USB adapter from Fry's where identified no problem. Go to Media Library - Play Games - All Games - PC - 2006 - Dancing - Stepmania. On the main Stepmania menu select Options, setup the dancepad keys under Config key/joy and Scan music. After that we where up and well...dancing. Very cool.

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Friday, December 9, 2005

Tonsillectomies are no fun

People are starting to ask about me, so I thought I would do a post. Plus I didn't see many account of adults having their tonsils out on the blogoshere, and it would have been nice to know what it was all about. So here's were I'm at a week after my surgery. I'll try and come back and update more as I finish healing.

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